Friday, July 3, 2015

Two Recipes: Sweet Potato Hashbrowns + Mexican Quinoa Casserole

My brother was coming over for dinner, so I decided to make a few fancier dishes the other night. They both turned out so yummy, I had to write down the recipes I used.

Mexican Casserole with Red Quinoa

(Adapted from this recipe)

-1 c. white rice 
-1 c. red quinoa
-1/2 lb ground turkey
-grated cheese

Cook white rice and red quinoa according to package, add butter
chop (dice) tomatoes and add to rice
cook ground turkey and add diced onion at the end
add cooked ground turkey, seasoned to taste (I used chili powder, cumin, and sloppy joe seasoning) to the top of your rice
top with mexican cheese and/or grated cheddar cheese

Bake at 350 for 20 minutes.
serve/garnish with tomato and avocado and onion

Serve with a salad and raisin and date banana bread... and THIS...

Sweet Potato Hashbrowns with sausage
(adapted from this recipe)

-2-3 sweet potatoes (3 if small)
-1/2 lb sausage (italian turkey sausage)~ can do bacon, I love bacon!
seasoning (I used garlic salt because I didn't have garlic on hand)
-2 tbsp. coconut oil
-1 tbsp butter
-tomato, avocado, egg*
-fresh rosemary, chopped
-fresh chives, chopped
* optional

Cook sausage, set aside
add coconut oil to grease
toss in bite-size potato pieces
cut up onion, chives, rosemary

Cook potatoes about 20 minutes (covered, but sauté/ stir once every few minutes)
add onion, garlic, seasoning
Cook for a couple more minutes
Remove from heat
Cook eggs and top with them

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