Thursday, July 10, 2014

Meal Plan

Sunday night: Frozen Pepperoni pizza with salad
Monday LUNCH: vegetable soup and paninis DINNER: baked chicken, french fries, and mixed vegetables
Tuesday: LUNCH: PB&J with tortilla chips DINNER:pork stir fry
Wednesday: LUNCH Quesadillas with tortilla chips and guacamole DINNER: Bean and bacon soup with toast and pretzels
Thursday LUNCH: PB&J with soup DINNER Pasta with green beans and garlic toast
Friday LUNCH: leftovers DINNER: chicken noodle with ham and cheese sandwiches

Thursday: LUNCH: Egg salad sandwich DINNER:Veggie soup with corn and beans, and Bread or Grilled Cheese
Friday: LUNCH: PB&J with tortilla chips, DINNER: Ham and Cheese pasta with veggies
Saturday: LUNCH: Ham and Cheese sandwiches, DINNER: Chicken Stir fry
Sunday: LUNCH: Stuffed shells and asparagus, DINNER biscuits and gravy
Monday: LUNCH: Mexican Salad, DINNER Pad Thai
Tuesday: LUNCH: Quesadillas DINNER: Pasta

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